Настольное кашпо для цветов Copper pockets - OK Brand


990.00 грн.

Material: steel, natural wood
Colour: white, gray
Size: 523/240/212 mm
Volume: 2 parts / 3 L each

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Designer flower pot «COPPER POCKETS» will help you to discover the perfect way to grow two of your favorite plants in one flowerpot.

According to experts from online magazines dedicated to interior design and architecture (Prodeez, S.C.L. Magazine, Minimalgoods, Hipicon), the «COPPER POCKETS» flowerpot from the Ok brand company is the «The ideal solution for apartments in Scandinavian, loft or minimal interior styles».

Modern urban design and its clean lines are greatly suitable for decorating your windowsill, workplace, kitchen, office and bedroom.

With a copper decorative frame for weaving, you can plant in «COPPER POCKETS» different climbing plants (hedera helix, philodendron hederaceum, cissus, scindapsus). This hand-made flower pot is also a perfect choice for plants with a long root (cactuses, palm trees, various types of citrus cultures).

There are no drainage holes in the flowerpot, so you should create a drainage layer before planting flowers. Adding a drainage layer allows excess water to get out of the soil more quickly and away from roots before they can be damaged. Though the water is still in the pot, a drainage layer can provide a barrier between too much water and your plant.

Solid maple wood, that is a part of the planter, is a material that combines simplicity and beauty, gentle warmth and distinctiveness.

Decorative cache-pot «COPPER POCKETS» is presented in two classic colors: white and gray. It will become a stylish gift for both men and women who love dainty things.