Напольное кашпо для цветов Bunker - OK Brand


690.00 грн.

Material: steel
Colour: black, white, white-black, black-white
Size: 225/220/220 mm
Volume: 4 L

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FLOWERPOT «BUNKER» is a perfect choice for attractive interior solutions. «BUNKER» is so self-sufficient that it can be easily placed right on the floor. The flowerpot is manufactured by our professionals from premium quality steel. This sturdy planter perfectly fits to interiors in a loft, high-tech and minimalistic styles. Industrial look of the cachepot contrasts with the natural vegetation that grows from it.

Designer planter «BUNKER» is available in different color combinations: completely white, completely black, black with white, red or copper decorative stand and white with black, red or copper decorative stand. So you can definitely find the perfect combination for yourself.

There are no drainage holes in the flowerpot, so you should create a drainage layer before planting flowers. Adding a drainage layer allows excess water to get out of the soil more quickly and away from roots before they can be damaged. Though the water is still in the pot, a drainage layer can provide a barrier between too much water and your plant.

Flowerpot «BUNKER» will be an original gift for any occasion, whether it’s a housewarming party or opening of an office.