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OK brand is a Ukrainian brand of conceptual flowerpots and cashe-pots. Our products have unique design and reflect both modern global and local national trends in interior decoration. We use only high-quality, environmentally friendly materials and combine different textures.

A flower arrangement includes not only the flowers themselves but the container that holds them and the base on which the container may rest. Line, form, colour and texture ─ are the basic design elements that are selected, and then composed into a harmonious unit based on the principles of design – balance, contrast, rhythm, scale, proportion, harmony and dominance. Laconic flowerpots from the OK brand will bring you aesthetic pleasure and become a vivid detail of any living space.

OK brand creates stylish and functional items for phytodesign at affordable prices.

Stay tuned to our website – we are constantly working on making our customers happy and expanding of our product range.

OK brand cosiness around you!